What do you want me to write next?

It's a poll thingy.

The cool thing about this space is that it’s all about the community. So I’m gonna use you all as my hive mind. Without any shame whatsoever! 😁


The Viper is well on its way (I’m a third into the thing, yay!). Which is a big problem, because WHAT the hell am I going to write next?

Did you know?

The Viper is an interactive web-serial where paid subscribers can influence what’s going to happen next. Sign up to join the fun!


Here’s an idea for content exclusive to this space: Letters between the characters of my stories. Quinn has already written several letters to Liz. He’ll never actually send them to her. Most likely. Probably. I guess?

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We have a chat room, did ya know? It’s a conversation space in the Substack app that’s exclusive for my subscribers — kind of like a community hangout where we keep it simple and brief, share kitten pics, talk about books, rant about our day, or just say hi.

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