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Hey everyone!

After I sent out my last email, I kept my fingers tightly crossed that you all vote for exclusive short stories, and yesssss, you totally did! I’m so stoked!

Many thanks to john_saxon, csmith, clautaka, pozzle6, rebecka, tropicalbutterfly1223, djblained, ladylost3, mccarthy65, debbie.huntsman, joseph.zens, roc54, debavry, and michkade for commenting on the poll. Your input is greatly appreciated!

So here’s what’s gonna happen:

  • You all get to vote on the first monthly short story today. After that,

  • voting rights are exclusive to our Backstage Shenanigans.

  • The first short story will be available for everyone. After that,

  • short stories are exclusive to our Backstage Shenanigans.

Where do you want our next short story to take place?

Help me choose what to write, and I'll send you an exclusive short story in April.

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Your second favourite was chapter bundles of Peregrine, so I’ll occasionally send you finished parts of this book, too.

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Voting on Peregrine backstories

Most of you wanted more backstory on Olivia, and that makes me super happy because I absolutely adore this prickly warrior. I’m already working on Peregrine and will occasionally share updates and character art with you.

Got questions or comments? Share them here!

PS: ARCs of The Viper will be sent to book bloggers in a couple of days 🥳 

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