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The Gist is for everyone who doesn’t want to miss a thing from AnnelieWrites, and appreciates a quick overview of all the stuff that happened this past month.

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AnnelieWrites launched August 10, and here’s why.

Free Stuff!


The Viper - Kronberg Mystery 7 is in the making, and you can read the entire thing as I write it: Prologue, Chapter 01.

The illustrated edition of The Lion’s Courtship is now out, showing some of the real people who inspired this series.

The first 20 chapters of The Girl who ran with Monsters are published.

Background Research

Learn about 1800s counterfeit money, how hard it is to wash off blood in real life, how to Google criminal cases in 1890s US America, and Victorian Erotica in Film & Literature. Hop over to my Notes to see lots of Victorian Slang, a cover sneak peek, and other strange things.

Swag & More

Yesssss! There’s swag! Plus a brief post on what I’m going to throw your way this year, and how living with owls feels like. Thank you all for voting for segmenting my emails! 👉🏽 You can now chose which emails you’d like to receive from me. Just visit your Settings, select Subscriptions, and then AnnelieWrites where you should find the different email options. But make sure to keep AnnelieWrites selected, otherwise you won’t receive any e-mails form me!

The Mystery Salon

I’m so grateful for all the responses in our first community discussion post. Thank you all for being part of this community! Your being here means so much to me ❤️

Shout-Out Time!

A massive thank you to my new paid subscribers: Joseph, Terry, Linda, Rebecka, Patricia, wintersrupp, Debbie, Molly, Nennie, Teri, dvhmouse, FlowerGirl, Madeleine, and Pauline! Your paid subscriptions help me carve out writing time from my full-time farming adventure. Thank you so much for making this possible!

What’s gonna happen in September?

As of mid August, I lined up for you:

  • The Viper: A quarter of the book is written, and you’ll get 1 new chapter every Sunday

  • The Viper cover reveal

  • Giveaways!!!

  • A Mystery Salon discussion on social awkwardness

  • A poll on the next book after The Viper

  • More Victorian tidbits and writerly things in my Notes

  • Pro Tip: Get the Substack app, so you can use Notes like a toxin-free and algorithm-free version of Twitter & Instagram!

Share your art!

Send me a short story, photograph, painting, or just a snippet of your creative life, and I’ll share it in one of my next posts!

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