April short story update

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Hey everyone!

I did the happy dance when saw what you all voted for! The winner is my brand-new mystery series, closely followed by the Anna Kronberg Mysteries. Many thanks to bras57, lilosva, arm.lcf, debavry, freedreamerthewolf, rnkiii, airticket45, roc54, and hindley1950 for your comments!

In April, you’ll all get the first episode of The Adventures of the Basement Detectives, a cosy, tongue-in-cheek detective serial. Upcoming episodes are A Study in Vegetables, The Sign of the Axe, A Scandal in Visby, and The League of Herbal Pioneers.

Here’s a very short snippet of A Study in Vegetables:

I burst out of the van and dash across the street, shouting into my radio, “Everyone: hold back until I’ve secured the scene!”

“What the fuck are you doing, Morgan!?” Astrid hollers.

The chief is shitting bricks.

Massive ones.

Morgan Fox, a walking calamity in human form who accidentally stumbled into the role of mascot cold case analyst and profiler for our pint-sized police force on this speck of an island, unwelcome on field missions and banned from packing heat due to epilepsy, autism, and generally overwhelming oddball nature, is now barreling straight towards a one-way ticket out of this job.

Would you trust such a person to lead a charge into a hostage situation?

Nope. Not in a million years.

Yet here I am.

What do you think?

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Here’s a sneak peek at the first three hours into an ink drawing of Morgan. It’s gonna take a few weeks to finish this.

As I was working on the new short story and it got longer and longer, I realised that it needed to be delivered in a different format for easier reading. From April onward, you’ll get a BookFunnel link that will open a download page where you can pick your preferred eBook format. We already tested this in our chat. It looks like this:

You’ll get a magic link that’s valid for a month, and you can log in using the same email address you used to sign up for this newsletter - meaning the same address to which this email was delivered. A password is not needed.

While the April short story is free for everyone in this community, all following short stories and polls will be exclusive for Backstage Shenanigans and Patreon members.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be focussing on writing The Adventures of the Basement Detectives and Peregrine, and on plotting an Anna Kronberg & Sherlock Holmes short story serial set in the months before World War I (prepare yourselves for two grumpy detectives-turned-spies!).

Also: From now on, you’ll receive an update from me once a month (not bi-weekly), including the monthly short story.

Got questions or comments? Share them here!

Peregrine Character Art

It’s time for all Backstage Shenanigans and Patreon members to claim their quarterly piece of bookish art! If you’d like a print of Olivia, hit reply and let me know! If you’re not a member but still want a piece of my original art, you can purchase it in my bookshop.

Here’s a reel of the process:

All Backstage Shenanigans and Patreon members will receive another email with a poll for the May short story tomorrow. I’m so curious what you gonna pick next!

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