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Yay, you are still here! Let me give you a quick overview of what’s going to happen in this space in 2023:

  • Finishing The Viper - Kronberg Mystery 7, posted here chapter by chapter.

  • Adding historical photographs and illustrations to the entire Kronberg series, and posting all images here.

  • More swag!

  • Editing Silent Witnesses and River of Bones for better flow, because I find them a bit choppy. They’ll be published here as finished books.

  • Continuing The Girl who ran with Monsters, posted here chapter by chapter.

  • Making a decision on what’s gonna happen next with Micka & Katvar (1/2986 Series) and Olivia & Sévère (Keeper of Pleas Series).

  • Sharing shitloads of background research goodies with you.

  • And more swag!

Next year I'd like to pay a narrator to produce audiobooks of Silent Witnesses, River of Bones, and The Viper and post them here. Ooooh, and I’d LOVE to get an illustrator for The Girl who ran with Monsters. But that depends on the number of paying subscribers, so let's wait and see.

Don’t skip this! It’s not boring, I promise.

  • Changing the title of this Substack, because “Annelie Wendeberg, written by Annelie Wendeberg” can’t be any stupider. This space could be named Letters from a Tiny Island, for example (yep, I live on a tiny island). Please, I need your ideas! EDITED TO ADD: I’m not changing the title. Thank you, Sue, for the discussion!

  • Creating email sections, so you can pick and choose which emails you’d like to receive from me and which you don’t. EDITED TO ADD: Thank you all for voting! The email sections are now live and can be selected/deselected in your accounts settings.

    • The Bloody Monthly: See what I did here? Hum…maybe I should just call it The Monthly. Anyway… This is for you if/when you are stressed out by other stuff in your life and want only one email from me. It gives you the gist of what I wrote that month, with links to each post.

    • The Mystery Salon: A special place where we can hang out, nerd out, and share thoughts and ideas. Published once a month, but if you all love it, we could do this twice a month or once a week. Let’s see how this develops.

    • Letters: Personal stories and photo essays. Published once to twice a month.

    • Podcast: Could be read alouds with my funny English? Just a thought I’m throwing in here.

    • Fiction: Well, that’s…uh…fiction that I’m writing.

    • Background research: Can be anything from 1880s criminal cases to forensic reports to newest climate change prognosis and warfare. Depends on the book series I’m currently working on.

Let me know what you think!



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