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If you don't remember who I am and why you subscribed: I'm the chick who writes kickass heroines. I had a long hiatus and never sent any newsletters. But now I'm back and ready to share lots of new stories.

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I promised to write the next book in the Anna Kronberg Mystery series (not to mention all my other book series) years ago and never delivered. What the hell happened?

I guess you could call it "algorithm burnout." I tried to write to market, to the Amazon algorithm, the Facebook algorithm, make everyone happy, sell shitloads of books while believing that productivity is more important than creativity. Because that's the only way to make a living as an author, right? Just watch any of the marketing courses for authors, and you’ll know what I mean.

The shit didn't work for me, at least not for long.

Now that I’m telling you this, I realised that throughout the years, I've always tried to build a community for my readers, because I actually like you gals and guys a lot (despite my being extremely introverted). Maybe you remember my online platforms Silent Witnesses and Kick-Ass Heroines. Now, it’s Patreon and Substack.

But most importantly: I'm finally back at the laptop, hammering away at two stories: The Viper - the 6th book in the Kronberg Mystery series, and The Girl who ran with Monsters - a dark fantasy series.

I'm posting them chapter-by-chapter on Patreon and here on Substack. I do like Substack’s reader interface more, because it’s a lot cleaner and reader-friendly than Patreon's, and there's also our Mystery Salon - a chat room where we can discuss ideas, and weird things happening in life, and you can even contribute your own stories and fan art within the worlds I'm writing.

Join us, it’s free!

For everyone who sticks around: I'll regularly give away paid subscriptions for free because I know that some of my readers have a very tight budget. Just let me know, and I'll ry to fix it.

Thank you so much for reading!

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