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Hey everyone!

Now that The Viper is with my beta readers, and almost every chapter is published in our Backstage Shenanigans, I am wondering how enjoyable reading one chapter per week really is. I would DIE with impatience!

My idea is to try something else as I’m writing Peregrine. Here’s what I can imagine we could do:

  • Publish one part (bundle of 3-5 chapters that conclude one part/act of the novel) once a month for a more complete reading experience or,

  • write full-length books behind the scenes, and publish them here once completed. In the meantime, I’ll share more of my characters and worlds with you via a monthly short story. You can suggest ideas and vote for your favourite each month.

The chapter bundles and short stories would then be delivered as ebooks for a better reading experience. What do you think?

Vote for your favourite!

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Why is a kangaroo stealing my coffee?

Most of you don’t know this: We’re running Sweden’s only macropod (kangaroos, wallabies, and relatives) sanctuary & rehab. This here is our loveliest wallaby orphan, helping me write and checking if I need any more coffee:

Work on Peregrine is now in full swing!

Which characters in the Keeper of Pleas series would you love to get more backstory on? Or perhaps even a bonus chapter exclusive for subscribers?

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