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CurrentlyA weather service for the climate emergency

Book Recommendation

I never read a fantasy that perfect: the worldbuilding, the character depth and development, the prose, the action. Hubby and offspring read it, and we’re still philosophising about it. And we can’t wait for the next book in the series!

If you read just 1 book this year, start with this.

Book News

In only two weeks, The Viper will be available for pre-order! Yesssss!

This is the mess I made plotting the final chapters:

The illustrated edition of The Journey is now published! Click on the cover to start reading:

Free Books

Today’s selection of free books for you is all about badass women.

Enjoy ❤️


Yup, there’ll be quarterly giveaways of my bookish art! To enter, all you need to do is refer one friend. Referral counts will be reset at the beginning of each quarter so that everyone gets a fresh chance at winning.

Here’s one of the book illustrations I’m working on. One Giclée print of this or another piece of my bookish art will go to the lucky winner.

Thank you for reading!

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CurrentlyA weather service for the climate emergency

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